AYM is a program that consists of young people from all across Australia traveling in teams to minister at a church over the weekend. It designed to propel youth into their calling while being a blessing to local churches. 


2021 applications will be opening in the next few months!

Frequently asked questions

Who can go on an AYM trip?

To be eligible to apply for the AYM program you need to be attending a UPC church, have a desire for God to use you and your pastor's approval.

How old do I have to be to go on an AYM trip?

The program is for those between 14-35.

What kind of ministries can I be involved in?

Different churches have different needs but you can let us know what you are willing to be used in and where your strengths are. Some examples include testifying, preaching, playing an instrument, and singing.

What if I am not going to be available some dates during the AYM period? Should I still apply?

Yes! Just write in the dates that you cannot go in the availability section of the application.

When do I find out where I am going?

After your application forms come in we match you with churches depending on their availability. We also attempt as much as possible to create well-rounded teams. We usually sent out letters containing your team details and destination 1-2 months after applications close.

Can I choose where I want to go?

You can include on the application form where you would like to go but preferences cannot be guaranteed.

How is my trip paid for?

Once your team leader gets in contact with you regarding arrival and departure times you are responsible for organising and paying for your flight/transport. You will receive a rebate of 50% once you forward your tax invoice to NYM.

How does NYM help with my travel cost?

Each church that receives an AYM team takes up a special offering. Your generous giving to SFC also helps support this program.

What other expenses do I need to budget for?

Your host church will provide accommodation and meals while you are there. You should allow for small items that you may wish to buy while you are travelling or touring.